Angular app development and deployment environments

1 minute read

When we talk about angular app development, most of the people get confused about its build & deployment activities. Our video tutorial Angular app Development and Deployment Environment | 0009-01 explains the basic difference between them and also discuss about end to end angular app development activities. Mainly there are two different environments involved; one is for its build/development and other one for its deployment/run. Build environment consist of four components:

  1. JS which is basic requirement to build/run any angular app.
  2. Angular CLI, it is nothing but a local package within angular itself to do compilation activities.
  3. Next requirement is presence of some editor, mostly VS code is recommended open source editor.
  4. Last but not least requirement is NPM package.

These are the minimum set of requirements we need, to develop any angular project. But this does not mean our project/app is in working state. After creating our app we will do NPM RUN BUILD, and then the final output will come in disk folder as a file, totally agnostic to any other world. It is purely a JavaScript/HTML/CSS code. Files are generated in primitive languages that any browser knows. It will basically compile all our code including our node packages and put them in a web technology like JavaScript.

Now to see the final output we need to deploy our code to hosting server and run it there. We need a hosting machine/server like IIS/Apache/Tomcat to host our code. These activities come under deployment/Run environment. In our video tutorial different environment activities and their components are explained in detail with “To Do List” app example. Snapshot of session below: