Angular app development from scratch: an Introduction

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There are certain steps that we need to understand thoroughly to begin any angular project from scratch. In our previous video tutorial we already explained in detail about different environmental set ups required in angular app development. Below is the list of tasks/steps which we should understand and perform while working on angular project.

  • Environment
  • Angular CLI (A)
  • Use Case - List out Products/Users
  • How to integrate angular material
  • Usage of Angular material components
  • Organize our project – Shared/Core/Featured modules
  • Hosting application in server – Node. JS and Express JS(N, E)
  • Serve the data from local server
  • Integrate with Database – MongoDB (M)

In our video session Introduction to Angular App From Scratch | 0009-02 we have explained significance of each steps in angular app development lifecycle. This video session help you to find answers of questions like what is MEAN stack, How MEAN is a user-friendly full-stack framework, ideal for building dynamic websites and applications?