Get started with Angular

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Are you preparing for Angular interview? Not sure from where to start? Well we do have answers to all your angular related queries. We will help you to list out all important angular topics and guide you in deciding from where to start your preparation. 0008-1- angular: Important concepts of Angular video give you an overview of basic angular concepts. It briefs you about the basic building blocks of angular application. Detailed discussion about each and every concept is available in our subsequent videos. This video will help you to take initial step and prioritize your learning itinerary; you will learn everything you need to know as a beginner. Out of three main concepts like CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation), DI (Dependency Injection) & Inversion of Control, we will begin our lessons from Dependency Injection. Four basic questions to kick start your Angular journey is:

What is component based application?

What is DI & how it works?

How many types of Directives?

How many types of forms?

Follow our video-based tutorials to kick start your Angular learning. Our Experienced Angular Programmer will teach you from basics to an expert level with real time project examples. With frequent video uploads we ensure to keep you up to date. Each video session is very well structured and easy to understand.