Integrating angular material, products listing and local server deployment - Angular app development

1 minute read

So far in our angular project development from scratch we have covered two things:

  1. Environmental setup
  2. Creation of project using angular CLI

An important question arises here is why we used angular CLI for project development? Answer is, it provides us many benefits like

  • It helps in adding angular material into our project easily.
  • It provides us provision to upgrade our angular project completely without manual intervention, if in case it versions upgrades in future.

In our video session Angular App From Scratch Explanation Next Steps | 0009-05, we will discuss about

-     How to integrate angular material using angular CLI?

If do it manually we need to go and edit 6 different files in 6 steps. But with angular CLI we can do it within minutes.

  • How to show list of products in UI?

This we will do from in-memory or webpack dev server.

  • Next we will see how to deploy our project in local node server?

Next will be our demo sessions mainly focusing on coding part of it. These coding demo sessions are basically meant to deep dive into developer’s shoe and understand the depth of it. They are in sync with the industry demands and helpful in learning and upgrading skills, particularly for the students & professionals.