Getting Started with Heroku Deploying Node.js App to Cloud

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Heroku PaaS best Cloud Platform

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets you to build, deliver, monitor and scale application. Heroku is Platform as Service (PaaS) architecture. In this article you will learn how to create, build, deploy and scalenode.js application into heroku cloud within couple of minutes.

Service Architecture

Service Architectures

What is container in general

It is a lightweight, isolated environments that provide compute, memory, an OS, and an ephemeral filesystem. Containers are typically run on a shared host, yet are completely isolated from each other.

What is Dyno in Heroku

The containers used at Heroku are called “dynos.” Dynos are isolated, virtualized Linux containers that are designed to execute code based on a user-specified command. Your app can scale to any specified number of dynos based on its resource demands. Heroku’s container management capabilities provide you with an easy way to scale and manage the number, size, and type of dynos your app may need at any given time.

Environment Setup

Prerequisite: Install node js and git. Confirm Node , Npm and Git installed and their versions.

Node -v npm -v

node and npm version check

git --version

git version check

Heroku Guide

Go to url

Download Heroku CLI

Download Heroku CLI

Install Heroku CLI

Install Heroku CLI Setup

Install Heroku CLI Setup progress

Confirm Heroku Installation

Run below command in cmd heroku --version to confirm heroku installation.

Confirm Heroku Installation

Login To Heroku

Run below command in cmd

heroku login -i

Login To Heroku

Create an App on Local

Run below command to get the node project in your local machine.

git clone \$ cd node-js-getting-started

Create the same App on Heroku Cloud

Create an app in heroku with below command Go to the root folder of your local app and run below script on powershell so that Heroku will create the app and link it with the current project.

heroku create my-app


heroku create ( It will create an app with random name)

We will use heroku create script

heroku create

Deploy the app on Heroku

Run below script to push the current code in to the GitHub and also deploy from GitHub to heroku cloud location.

git push heroku master

heroku create

Scale your deployed app

Ensure that at least one instance of the app is running

heroku ps:scale web=1

Scale app in cloud

Open your app

Write below command to open your application url live cloud based.

heroku open


I like the simplicity and easy steps to deploy an app on Heroku Cloud. Their documentations are excellent source of learning. I did deploy my first node.js app over Heroku as well See my app live here

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