Understanding DI in Angular with real time scenarios

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Angular has a unique feature that makes it more popular and provides an upper hand as compare to other app building platforms like vue JS, React JS i.e. its capability to inject dependencies at run time. Angular with help of Dependency Injection can solve many complex scenarios easily by
- Injecting Substitute class
- Injecting Liked objects
- By Replacing a class
In our tutorial video 0008-5- angular: Dependency Injection Scenarios, we have explained Angular Dependency Injection capabilities with real time scenarios. This video also helps you to build up your mindset as per Interviewer perspective. It helps you to answer important interview questions related to Angular DI concepts like Why Dependency Injection is required, how it works, where it fits in and what are its benefits in Angular. Knowledge of DI in Angular makes you more confident and competitive in app building. It gives you more maturity in understanding and providing solution for complex user cases. It makes code easy to follow, easier to write and extension of applications become simple & easy.