How to create API Documentation of any Typescript Project?

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I love to create automatic API Documentation of my project. Regardless I work on Angular, React or VueJS as far as it uses Typescript. Did you know you could generate your project API Wikipedia kind of documentation within blink of eyes if you are using Typescript? Please read this blog to find out how easy it is.

Documentation for Any Typescript Node JS Project

Install typedoc by running npm i -D typedoc then add below in your script of package.json file

 "typedoc": "typedoc --out docs --mode modules --tsconfig tsconfig.json src/",

Documentation for Webpack enabled Typescript Project

Install typedoc-webpack-plugin by running below script in your project.

npm i -D typedoc-webpack-plugin typedoc

Next you can add this plugin to your production version of the webpack config file. I normally add in webpack-prod.config.js file

const TypedocWebpackPlugin = require('typedoc-webpack-plugin');


plugins: [ new TypedocWebpackPlugin({ out : 'dist/docs/api' }) ]

The options for the plugin mirror the options that are passed to typedoc. Refer to for full options.

The default options that are set by the plugin are:

    out: './docs',
    module: 'commonjs',
    target: 'es5',
    exclude: '**/node_modules/**/*.*',
    experimentalDecorators: true,
    excludeExternals: true

Here is an example of a more expanded configuration:

plugins: [
    new TypedocWebpackPlugin({
        name: 'Contoso'
        mode: 'file',
        theme: './typedoc-theme/',
        includeDeclarations: false,
        ignoreCompilerErrors: true,