9 Basic JavaScript Concepts You should know

1 minute read

Why JavaScript

I believe JavaScript is very popular language nowadays. I love JavaScript because of many reasons. Now various powerful client side frameworks have been written on JavaScript only. Like RxJS, React, React Native, Angular, VueJS etc., and many more.

Lots of Machine Learning specific libraries are also being written in JavaScript. Big 4 Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon they all are now appreciating JavaScript and taking interview on JavaScript too.

JavaScript Important Concepts

Although learning JavaScript deeply is highly appreciated. However, I believe there are below concepts that one good JavaScript developer must have.

  1. bind
  2. Scope
  3. this
  4. undefined vs null
  5. closure
  6. Hoisting
  7. module pattern
  8. prototype pattern
  9. prototype inheritance

I created one GitHub repository to explain each of the above concepts in action. Please check out this JavaScript Concepts GitHub Repository.


I would also recommend to learn more about JavaScript Prototype. I also wrote an independent article on JavaScript Module Pattern please check that out.


Thank you for reading this article.  Please let me know what do you think about these concepts ? Do you have any other concept that you think I should add here like call vs apply etc.,  Also please let me know if you want me to explain all of the above concepts on my YouTube channel (RupTech) ?