Publishing Nx Monorepo Test Results in Azure CI Pipeline

2 minute read

Publish Test Results task publishes test results to Azure CI Pipelines.

Step 1: Publish Unit Test Summary Report

Step 1 - To generate Test Report I’m using Karma JUnit Reporter. First install it to your project. npm i karma-junit-reporter -D

Step 2 — Now we have to import above ‘karma-junit-reporter’ in to our project and have to configure. So for that, open ‘karma.conf.js’ file in your project. There, in the ‘plugins’ section, add the following line.

Step 3 — Now we have to say use this ‘karma-junit-reporter’ to generate Test Report. For that, in ‘karma.conf.js’ file, you can see a section ‘reporter’. Add the following inside the array.

Step 4 — okay. Now we have said to use JUnit repoter service to generate our Test Report. But to where ? We have to say, where to publish the Test Report. For that, add the following Code Snippet, before the ‘reporters’ section.

junitReporter: {
    outputDir: 'testresults/junit',
    outputFile: 'unit-test-result.xml',
    useBrowserName: false,

Step 5- In the Azure DevOps Build Pipeline. ‘Publish Test Results’. Click on + symbol and search ‘Publish Test Results’. Add it.

Add below task in your azure-pipelines.yml file. You can skip the condition. I needed that for my Nx Monorepo project. You can just have task and inputs only.

Azure devops task supports merging multiple test results files out of the box. For that we will use mergeTestResults: true flag.

# Publish Test Results
# Publish Test Results
- task: PublishTestResults@2
    testResultsFormat: 'JUnit'
    testResultsFiles: '**/testresults/**/*.xml'
    mergeTestResults: true
  condition: |

Test results files created

When you run test now you should see test results file.

In order to avoid check-in them in git repo consider updating .gitignore

# Test Results

Running Build in Azure Pipeline

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