Scheduling Jekyll Post on GitHub Pages

2 minute read

Do you want to schedule your Jekyll blog post to be published on GitHub Pages on future date time? Then read this article.


Jekyll static site hosted on GitHub Pages doesnโ€™t come with schedule blog post for future feature.

In this article, I will write a job to automatically post future blog posts and send email after successful post.

Creating GitHub workflow for publishing future post

We will create one workflow that will run every day and it will publish the post for future dates.

  1. Create your one GitHub Secrete key call it GH_TOKEN.
  2. Add future:false in _config.yml
  3. Create schedule-posts.yml in .github\workflows folder. Add below script. Learn more about cron event
name: Build every hour

    - cron: '0 0 * * *' # Run at the end of every day.
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: curl
        uses: wei/curl@master
            "-X POST -H 'Authorization: token $'
            -H 'Accept: application/vnd.github.ant-man-preview+json'
  1. See how I wrote mine workflow.
  2. You are all set now you can create a post for future date and your post will be published on that date.

  3. If you run the Jekyll at local machine you will notice that your new post is not getting published immediately. It will skip those posts to publish.

  1. This post will be published only when the date will come.

Sending e-mail on successful blog publish

I will use Gmail user id and password to send automatic email once blog publish is done.

  1. Create MAIL_USERNAME and MAIL_PASSWORD GitHub secretes

  2. Add below script to send email.

- name: Send email
  uses: dawidd6/action-send-mail@v2.4.0
    server_port: 465
    username: $
    password: $
    subject: Publishing Blog
    # Literal body:
    body: Build job of $ completed successfully!
    from: GitHub Blog Repo

Change email Id and names.

  1. Here is my schedule-post file from master branch.

You are all set now!



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