Comparison between React, Angular and Vue.Js

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React is a JavaScript library for building UI components for web applications, maintained by Facebook. React Native, another popular outcome from Facebook, is used to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React. React seems to be a good choice for developers who are getting started with front-end JavaScript frameworks. The ability to integrate with other frameworks seamlessly gives it a great advantage for those who would like some flexibility in their code.


Angular is a Typescript-based JavaScript framework backed by Google. It is a very popular framework for front-end development. Angular is a good choice for companies with large teams and developers who already use Typescript.


Vue.js is one of the most-discussed and rapidly growing JavaScript frameworks. It has power of both Angular & React. It should be your choice if you need flexibility with simplicity. It was created by former Google employee Evan You, who worked on Angular when he was a Google employee. It has ability to build attractive UIs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Keys points to decide which one is better:
-  Sometimes working with HTML makes more sense to developers as React has a different syntax of JSX. You can easily find Angular developers and it has a well-established community with lots of projects, updates and resources.
-  Angular involves dependency injection, a concept where one object provides the dependencies to another object which helps in keeping the code clean and easy to understand. This makes Angular first choice among most of the developers.
-  However, each of these libraries has their own positives and negatives. Based on your individual comfort and project requirements, you can choose one which you feel more suitable than the others and fit well in your requirements.
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