Azure Network Watcher Basics

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Azure Network Watcher is a monitoring service with lots of other important services for network. Most network diagnostics issues can be detected and analyzed with Azure Network Watcher. Learn everything about Network Watcher in this article.

What Network Watcher Does?

  • You use Network Watcher to monitor and repair the network health of IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) resources.
  • It can capture network packets by sniffing the network
  • It can analyze and display the network topology
  • It can audit the security rules of network and VMs.
  • It is a regional service
  • It is automatically enabled in a region when you create or update a virtual network (vNet) in it.

Capabilities of Network Watcher


  • Network Watcher can monitor communication between a VM and another endpoint (could be VM).
  • Network Watcher can view resources in a virtual network.


  • It can diagnose network traffic filtering problems to or from a VM.
  • It can diagnose network routing problems from a VM.
  • It can diagnose outbound connections from a VM.
  • It can capture packets to and from VM.
  • It can determine relative latencies between Azure regions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • It can show security rules for an interface like network interface for a VM.

Metrics and Logs

  • It can analyze network security groups traffic.
  • It can show diagnostics logs for network resources.

Network Watcher in Azure Portal


You can monitor the topology of your virtual network and you can click on any component to view them.

Connection Monitor

Connection Monitor monitors the health of the connections between 2 endpoints could be 2 virtual networks or 2 VMs.

Next hop

This will give you the next network hop from a given source IP address to a destination IP address. You can use this to troubleshoot the issues.

Example: Source IP address could be your VM in azure and destination IP address could be your local home machine IP address.

So in this example the next hop is Internet.

Effective Security Rules

Check security settings of your IaaS. Example: Check the security settings for your VM in Azure.

Packet capture

Investigate network by capturing the network packets. You can choose the Remote or local IP and port addresses.

👨‍🏫 In Exam remember: Most network diagnostics issues can be detected and analyzed with Azure Network Watcher

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