Azure Storage Replications Basics

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LRS (locally redundant storage) ZRS (zone redundant storage) GRS (geographically redundant storage) RA GRS (read-access geographically redundant storage) GZRS (geographically zone redundant storage) RA GZRS (read-access geographically zone redundant storage)

Availability and Durability Disaster recovery Recovery time objectives (RTO) Maximum acceptable time that an application can be un-available after an incident happen. Read only access to a secondary region

Redundancy in primary region Redundancy in secondary region Read access to data in secondary region

Local Redundant Storage

In the same data center and same region 3 copies of your data is saved. Fire or flooding can impact the data center and your data is stored in a single data center only.

Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS)

Within the same region you can have 3 availability zones where 3 copies of data will be replicated. If your primary azure data center is down then azure repoint the DNS of the storage account to other zone. Each zone is physically separate.


  • It is not available for every azure region
  • It does not support
    • archived tier of blob
    • managed, un-managed disks.

Geo Redundant Storage (GRS)

Geo Zone Redundant Storage (GZRS)