Cloud Solution Architect Soft Skills Questions

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Are you preparing for cloud solution architect interview then you must aware of soft skill questions. In this article I will give you questions that you must prepare for your next up coming interview.

This is part 2 of my cloud solution architect interview questions series. Read the part 1 where you will get the basic technical questions most frequently asked in cloud solution architect interview.

Tell me about yourself?

Firstly Thank you for the opportunity to be an interviewee in AWS sr. A cloud solution architect role is a privilege. Hi everyone, My name is Rupesh Tiwari, I have been working in IT for the last 15 years. I have started my career as a junior software engineer. I am currently working as Sr. Software Architect.

You can also describe your previous domain that you worked on and current company detail.

What qualities make you a good fit for the job?

Read your job description and prepare your answer accordingly.

I like helping customers and solving their business problems with the latest innovative cloud solutions & technical expertise. I have been developing, maintaining, and optimizing cloud platform solutions and services.

I am providing thought leadership both on technical design and business development. I have been owning the technical engagement of many initiatives and helped customers to arrive at their goal. By earning customer trust, building relationships and I have become a SME for Driver and cloud related developments.

In my past and current organizations, I have been part of the hiring and training department therefore, I have been sharing my knowledge, coaching our team on cloud architecture and related technologies. Being part of the core team, I have been helping various teams by learning their framework and solving their technical issues by designing and improving their architecture.

Personally, I have been writing content from the last 10 years on cloud and related technologies, posting cloud and related technology contents on my YouTube channel. In our local community I started a cloud learning community and started speaking on cloud fundamentals and socializing concepts.

I am highly energetic, enthusiastic and innovative about technologies and I believe I can look at your challenges and help you to solve them and make your team  perform more effectively.

Why do you want to join us (your company name) ?

Sit down and close your eyes and think at least 3 points why you want to join this company.

Why should I hire you?

It is same as the question that I already asked you earlier.

What is the personality type of your hiring manager?

Your hirring manager could be of type:

  1. Analytical
  • If your interviewer is asking for specifics, and some numbers and details.
  • Show them statistic, fact, details, show correlation on chart
  • Highly Logical : use detail, fact, figure
  1. Intuitive: They want to get to the point very fast. Don’t give them detail. You talk about Big Picture of your architecture don’t go details.
  2. Personal:  they are good on communication, great listener. You SHARE
  3. Functional: Process-Oriented people. They need process and procedure for everything. They plan everything perfect. They go in details You show them HOW things are done. Be Methodical.



What is Shut Down interview technique?

You control the interview is called shut down. Hiring manager wants to see my Your below skills:

  • Technical competency
  • Verbal communication skills

When he ask you technical question and u know it then answer in real depth. With so much depth so that there is no doubt that you are expert when they see and hear level of expertise and knowledge properly delivered there wont be any more technical questions.

What Major contribution u made to your last employer?

Go understand your current project and find which project you contributed a lot both technically as well as design and conversation with your client.

What Major Challenge at work and what you did to get pass it?

Go understand your current project and find which project was most challenging and list your challenges.

How to Sale yourself how to become a best sale representative?

  • Find your Hiring manager goal
  • Find the way to create a solution to solve the customer problem by giving far more benefit with same quality.
  • Show them your skills and your values are higher than the cost of their salary.

Hiring manager is looking for below skills:

  • Technical competency
  • Trusty
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication Skills
  • Team player
  • Energetic, enthusiastic
  • Bring up best in other people.

What is building rapport?

By creating Personal and emotional connection between people. If u establish rapport to the hiring manager and make a personal connection then every answer will sound better and everything u don’t know It will be not that matter.

  • Know how to be solution to their problem. Know about the role each and every details. If  you tell them how u can going to improve their business it is connecting rapport.
  • Research the hiring manager

What does your hiring manager want?

If asked direct question ask the direct answer don’t babble!

Any technology question is asked then answer below questions while describing answer:

  1. What is this ?
  2. How this work?
  3. Why do you use it?

They are hiring you to solve their problem, they are not hirring you to solve your problem.

What Managers Want?

  • They want someone who’s technically competent
  • They want someone to help meet or exceed their goals
  • They want someone they can trust
  • They want someone who works well with people
  • They want someone who brings energy
  • They want someone with passion
  • They want someone who works well in a
  • They want someone who goes above and beyond

Tips for your Interview

During Interview

  • Be early for your interview
  • Companies don’t like procrastinators
  • Assume it’s an interview as soon as you walk in the door
  • Show depth of knowledge when you can
  • Highlight what you’re good at
  • Be honest about your weaknesses
  • Talk about what you’ve done

Be Honest

  • Be upfront with what you know and what you don’t
  • Show off your strengths but don’t lie about your weaknesses
  • This helps gain trust and respect from the interviewer
  • Point the conversation into the direction of your strengths

Control The Interview

  • Show expertise in what you know and go into detail when possible
  • This helps when over the employer
  • Impress your interviewer upfront

Know What You Don’t Know

  • Don’t put things on your resume that you don’t know
  • Be clear about your areas of expertise
  • Being a specialist isn’t a bad thing
  • Brush up on topics you’re not sure about


  • Show that you’re motivated and passionate
  • Being enthusiastic is noticeable right away
  • Be the person that motivates the team as well
  • Energize others
  • Be Focused

Soft skills for solution architect

Read the body language of your hirring team or manager.

  1. 55% what we look like when u say something
  2. 38% sound like when u say something
  3. 7% content of your saying

Body Language

  • If manager is Leaning that means you should keep talking they are willing to listen you.
  • If manager is Leaning back then you must stop talking
  • If manager is Crossing arm then you must change what you are saying.
  • If manager Feet’s are pointing towards the door then they are ready to finish the interview you should don’t hold them and stop talking immediately.

Additional points to remember during interview:

  • Don’t say anything negative about your past employer/company
  • Not getting to the point!
  • Not reading body language
  • Listen More than you speak: Listen to the hiring manager if your Hiring manager is babbling, just keep hearing him.
  • Make your Strength and weakness ahead of time: Prepare your honest weakness and strength

How to Dressed for interview

Make sure you were the business suite, shoes and belts are shining and polished.

Do you have any questions for me?

When hirring manger is asking at the end of interview to ask question. Then your answer could be:

“What is your goal Mr. Hirring Manager (Your manger name)? Because if I was part of your team I would want to know that I could help you solve your goals.”


Thanks for reading my article till end. I hope you learned something special today. If you enjoyed this article then please share to your friends and if you have suggestions or thoughts to share with me then please write in the comment box.

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