Configuring Environment Variable in Azure CI Pipeline

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Do you want to create environment level variable for your Azure Build CI Pipeline and access them in your azure pipeline task? Example: If you are using nx monorepo and you want to skip the Nx Caching while building your project in Azure pipeline or your build machine then read this article to understand it.

New Variable Form

First go to your pipeline definition and select variable.

Submit New Variable Form

Add variable name with its default value and then submit.

Access Environment Variable in YML file

Prefix it with a dollar sign and enclose it in parentheses. For example: $(SKIP_NX_CACHE)

Access Environment Variable in Script

use environment variable syntax. Replace . and space with _, capitalize the letters, and then use your platform’s syntax for referencing an environment variable. Examples:

  1. Batch script: %SKIP_NX_CACHE%
  2. PowerShell script: ${env:SKIP_NX_CACHE}
  3. Bash script: $(SKIP_NX_CACHE)

Example Accessing Environment Variable in You Nx Monorepo CI Pipeline

  vmImage: 'ubuntu-latest'

  - main

  CAN_SKIP_NX_CACHE: $[eq(variables['SKIP_NX_CACHE'], 'True')] # Reading CAN_SKIP_NX_CACHE environment variable.

    - script: node ./build.js $(SKIP_NX_CACHE) # Calling your build script with environment variable value.

While running new pipeline from azure portal. You can always select your variable and update its value to false or true that will be passed to your build pipeline.

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