Creating New App with Nx Console

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Do you want to create a new application on my nx monorepo work-space? Also do want to make sure that you should be able to build and test your application using nx command line scripts? Then this article is for you In this article, I will walk you through the steps please follow along with me.

Installing Nx Console Visual Studio Code Extension

Install Nx Console from nrwl Vs Code extension. For VSCode users, you can install the Nx Console VSCode Plugin from Marketplace. Nx Console is an UI for Nx. It will work for any schematic or any architect commands. Nx Console does not have a specific UI for, say, generating a component. Instead, Nx Console does what the command-line version of Nx does

Creating New application using Nx Console

We are going to create a new application lets call it as onlinestore-dashboard.

Step 1: Go to apps folder and right click you will see Nx generate (ui)

Step 2: Select @nrwl/angular Create An Angular application option Step 3: Add application name as onlinestore-dashboard. I will keep style css you can do scss if u want. Notice nx console is also running dry run and showing the files that it is going to create as you go. This is really helpful. Check routing option to generate routing module for the application Check strict to do strict type checking and build optimization Add scope:itops,type:app in the tag for enforcing dependency constraints and linting. Next I am selecting karma as my test runner. Feel free to continue using jest that is default test runner. Finally press the Run button.

Nx Console will execute below script automatically.
Executing task: ng generate @nrwl/angular:application --name=onlinestore-dashboard --routing --strict --tags=scope:itops,type:app --unitTestRunner=karma

It will ask which style you want I will select css. Check inside your apps folder it created onlinestore-dashboard and onlinestore-dashboard-e2e projects Folder structure of application created by nx console.

Building Application using Nx

I will highly recommend using nx commands to build your project since it will using caching strategy to minimize your build time. If you already build your app and did not change and again build it then it immediately output the build result from its previous cache

In order to build your application run below script nx build onlinestore-dashboard Inside the dist folder you will see the apps/onlinestore-dashboard is created.

If you rebuild the same application without any change you can see nx console will immediately output the build result within 3 seconds.

Serving Application in local dev server

Run this script to serve application nx serve onlinestore-dashboard

Navigate to http://localhost:4200 and you should see project running

Testing application using nx command line

Run below script to run application using nx console. Again use nx commands for testing to get the benefit of output caching for test results.

nx test onlinestore-dashboard --watch

Should I use JEST or KARMA for Test Runner?

If you are using Karma and in watch mode testing and if u do small changes the it takes time to retest and run. Therefore, I would recommend using JEST for better performance and speed testing in watch mode or offline mode.


In this article you learn how to create an application using nx console. In my next article I will explain you how to publish the application dist folder into npm package so that you can install it as node package in some other node.js project. Stay tuned. Jest :+1: +100 Karma :-1: -100

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