Caching Pipeline Not Working in Azure DevOps Server 2020

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Artifacts caching does not work on-premise Azure DevOps Server 2020. The Azure DevOps documentation on Cache Action is not updated and that is misleading.

Cache@2 utility Not working on premise Azure DevOps

You will get below error when you use cache@2 in your pipeline. Here is the Microsoft GitHub Issue. It clearly says that, Cache@2 task is not supported on-premises. It works on Azure DevOps though however not work on Azure DevOps On-Premise Server.

'API resource location is not registered' error with Azure pipeline cache task

Reead: Stack overflow error

Why Cache@2 is not working in DevOps Server

Microsoft DevOps Server does not support Universal Packages that is why node_module caching in pipeline does not work using cache@2 or any Universal Packages.

Currently, Universal Packages are only available for Azure DevOps Services.

When cache is included?

It seems by March it will be done as per Microsoft GitHub Pull Request.

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