Mastering meanjs - the ultimate full stack course

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About the Class

Learn how to build an e-commerce online shopping responsive web application from scratch using Angular 8+, express & MongoDb complete MEAN stack course. Learn how to integrate with PayPal gateway & finally learn how to deploy the app into cloud using Heroku. This app is responsive such that it works on mobile, tablet and desktop. 🏆 Use-Cases that you will work on:

  1. Product mart app should show all of the products on the shopping page.
  2. Anyone can register in our product mart.
  3. Registered users can login / log out.
  4. Once a user is logged-in, users can browse through the shopping page.
  5. Users can add products to their cart.
  6. Users should be able to update quantity, delete items on their cart page.
  7. Users should be able to purchase cart items by checking out their cart.
  8. Users should be able to pay their order by using their paypal account. 
  9. System should handle payment successfully, cancel payment, error situations while payment. 
  10. Once order is placed & payment is successful, the user should receive confirmation email.
  11. Users should be able to view all of their orders so far placed.
  12. Users should be able to view details of a selected order. 
  13. All of the API on the server side is secured un-authorized users should not have access.

💯 Learning Checklist:

  1. Distilling problem domain, Breaking big problems into small problems.
  2. Organizing your angular application folder structures.
  3. Learn how to manage dependencies among modules like Feature, Core, Shared and Block Modules.
  4. Learn reactive, Lazy loaded Angular app & Angular CLI concepts.
  5. Build app using Angular Material, Flex Layout & make mobile friendly web application.
  6. Use the Redux Store concepts to manage state & Write Selectors to compose views.
  7. Learn how can you debug both client side & server side Node.JS program in VS Code.
  8. Learn Express JS middleware & MongoDb with Mongoose.
  9. Learn using Passport, B-Crypt & JWT technology to do Authentication.
  10. Deploy production app to cloud ( Heroku )