Monitoring Options for Applications in Azure

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Learn how many types of monitoring services available in Azure to monitor your applications.

Design a Logging and Monitoring Solution in Azure

Below are the topics you should know:

  • Determine levels and storage location for logs.
  • Plan for integration with monitoring tools including Azure Monitoring tool and Azure Sentinel.
  • Recommend appropriate monitoring tool(s) for a solution.
  • Choose a mechanism for event routing and escalation.
  • Recommend a logging solution for compliance requirements.

In this article we are focusing on

Options for Monitoring Applications in Azure

Below are the services to Monitor your applications:

Application-level monitoring services:

  1. Application Insights
  2. App Center

Subscription / resource group / virtual network level monitoring services:

  1. Network Watcher
  2. Azure Monitor
  3. Security Center
  4. Advisor
  5. Sentinel

Above services can provide more of an overview than just status of application.

Application Insight

  • use to monitor web app, API and desktop app.
  • is a service and part of Azure Monitor.
  • from marketing standpoint, it is feature for Azure Monitor.
  • in reality it is a Standalone feature.

Visual Studio App Center

  • use to monitor mobile app
  • also used to deploy and test mobile app

Network Watcher

  • use to monitor and inspect network traffic.

Azure Monitor

  • is a main monitoring service in Azure.
  • can see overview of other monitoring services like App Insights.
  • analyze and query logs and metrics from other monitoring services.

Azure Security Center

  • provides an overview of security status & recommendations of your services
  • helps prevent security incidents

Azure Advisor

  • monitors all of the recommendations within the azure subscriptions
  • provides overview to take actions.
  • it’s not strictly monitoring service.


  • security focused service like security center.
  • works with security center to analyze and hunt for threats and security incidents and fix them.

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