Unit Testing RxJS with Marble Diagrams

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Unit Testing RxJS with Marble Diagrams

Welcome to Unit Testing RxJS with Marble Diagrams course excercise material portal. Please watch Unit Testing RxJS with Marble Diagrams course in pluralsight.

❓ What is Marble Diagrams

Marble diagrams enables you to understand the behavior of RxJS observables and operators visually. It also helps to write unit test for asynchronous code in synchronous manner want to learn more please watch my course till the end.

💼 What will you get out of this course

✅ Building blocks of RxJS

✅ Fundamentals of Hot & Cold Observables

✅ Marble Diagrams Concept

✅ Marble Testing Syntaxes

✅ Introduction to jasmine-marbles library

✅ Unit Testing Observables & Operators using marble diagrams

✅ Mocking Observables using Marble Testing

🕘 Getting started with code

  • For starting please download the released zip file
  • Go to UM-START folder
  • Delete package-lock.json file & node_modules folder if they exists.
  • Open Terminal and run npm i
  • To run the angular app please run command npm start
  • To run unit tests please run command npm test

📣 Need help

If you find any issues please post a comment to this article UnitTesting-RxJS-Marble-Diagrams Problem Solver and I will reply with any updates to my github repository. Thanks and happy coding 😃

💯 This Git Repostiory status is uptodate ✔️

I am trying my best to keep this repository live and working. I recently updated this repository to match with latest angular version. Also did a quick test everything looks okay. Still if you find any issues please feel free to create issues or post a comment to UnitTesting-RxJS-Marble-Diagrams Problem Solver article.

✅ Jest Test Cases Are Running

✅ Typescript v3.2.2

✅ Angular v7.2.0

✅ Node v10.15.3

✅ npm v6.4.1

✅ npm start is working

✅ npm test is working

✅ npm run build is working

Want to Contribute 🙏

I will be happy to take any pull requests that you have to improve this code base. Thanks for your support 🙏