Azure Security Center Basics

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Azure Security Center is the base infrastructure service to collect logs analyze them and generate tailored recommendations. Learn how can you review and fix general, cloud securities and manage security concerns of your resources in Azure. This article will help you to prepare for az-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.

Azure Security center is a unified infrastructure security management system.

This is your β€œbase layer” for monitoring the security configuration and health of your workloads. Azure Security Center collects events from Azure or log analytics agents and correlates them in a security analytics engine, to provide you with tailored recommendations (hardening tasks). Strengthening your security posture can be achieved by implementing these recommendations.

The Azure Security Center uses a built-in Azure Policy initiative in audit-only mode (the Azure Security Benchmark) as well as Azure Monitor logs and other Azure security solutions like Microsoft Cloud App Security. Learn more here…

Security Challenges

  1. In cloud workloads are changing quickly and we must make sure the developers/devops are following the security best practices while provisioning the resources.
  2. Internet Security attacks risk is always there if your resources are internet facing.
  3. Also Security skills are less with developers.

Solving Security Challenges

  1. Strengthen Security Posture: Using Azure Security Monitor you can examine your resources and give you security reports.
  2. Protect against threats: Azure security monitor can generate security alerts and raises threat prevention suggestions on your Azure resources.
  3. Auto Secure: You can give auto-provisioning to resolve security issues faster.

Resources Protected by Azure Security Center

There are lots of resources which are automatically protected and monitor by security center.

  1. All Azure PaaS resources like DB engine and Storage accounts.
  2. Non-Azure Virtual Machines on cloud or on premises. You must install Log Analytics Agents on them ( both windows and Linux ) supported.
  3. Azure VMs
  4. Security alerts are created when threat is found on the azure workloads. One has to investigate the security alerts.

Security Center on Azure Portal

Overview screen

  1. Secure Score- over all health score
  2. Regulatory compliance - how compliant you are for the resources.
  3. Azure Defender - protects resources against security threats.
  4. Firewall Manager
  5. Insights

Recommendations screen

Displays the Secure Score, security improvement for all resources & their recommendation and Quick fixes.

Security alerts

If there is any security threats found on your resources then you will see alerts here.

Cloud security

Here you can see secure score and check your overall health score plus you can visit the recommendations.

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