How I cleared Azure Fundamental Certification Az 900

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I am happy that I cleared my Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification (Az 900) Exam. This is the start of my Azure journey. In this article, I will explain what I did?

How to Motivate yourself?

In order to go out of you comfort zone and do something is the most challenging work. You have to keep yourself motivated that is the mantra and also difficult work. Many people loose their heart and stop working towards their goal. So I would ask you to first find your inspiration behind the work that you are doing. Find/discover why you want to do/become something? Get their answers and stick to it. Whenever you get de-motivated read the answers that you discovered before starting your journey and motivate yourself. Or find out new motivation to work again and get going.

Very important thing is to keep yourself motivated to prepare and give exams. Specially, when you are a working professional and having married with family and kids. You will be almost busy with work and family and seldom get chance to carve out time to learn new things.

So what and how I did? Well, I am getting up at 5 AM (yes sacrificing my favorite sleep) and scheduling my studies accordingly. I used to learn Azure in the morning time before my office starts. Like I said you have to keep yourself motivated and find your inspiration. In order to keep my-self motivated, I am reading Swami Vivekananda. One of his best quotes that I remember is:

“Whatever you believe, that you will be. There is nothing to obstruct you!”

So find-out your motivation and keep yourself inspired and keep working towards upgrading your IT skills or goal.

Will AZ-900 exam certification expires?

The good part of exam AZ-900 is it never expires. It will remain in your profile forever as valid certificate. Other role based Azure exams will expire every 2 year or so. However, you can give renewal exam that is free of cost to update your certificates.

What should I read for preparing Az 900 exam?

The best resource for me was Microsoft Azure on-line free courses for Az 900. You should finish that course first which is divided in 6 parts.

Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ 900)

Azure Fundamentals certification needs 6 part to be finished.

  1. Part 1: Describe core Azure concepts
  2. Part 2: Describe core Azure services
  3. Part 3: Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure
  4. Part 4: Describe general security and network security features
  5. Part 5: Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features
  6. Part 6: Describe Azure cost management and service level agreements

Once you finish your on-line course you will receive badges from Microsoft like I got.

Solve Question Answers given after each module

After finishing each module from on-line Microsoft learning material. You will be asked questions. Make sure you give them to concrete your understanding.

Sample Questions

You will see success message after giving answers

Next it will route you for next learning module

Read previous Az 900 exam questions

For any exam you must first understand the concepts plus you must also remember couple of concepts and answers. Yes!, you must have to remember or learn by-heart few things. There is no short-cut 😃. This is very important step. Let’s discuss how I prepared?

Did you remember in our college days. We used to attain daily class lecture and understand the concepts. However, before exam we used to first understand and prepare all the previous year questions and then go for exam. The same strategy I followed. I finished my homework by reading concepts from Microsoft on-line free training. Then I found many free resources to get previous Az-900 questions and learn them. I prepared from this link and this link. I also took paid service to practice for exam ( this is not compulsory for you ).

Finally You will schedule for exam

Scheduling exam is an on-line process. You have to pay $99 as of today this is the fee. Here is the link to schedule for Az-900. As much possible try for going to give exam in center or lab. I tried to avoid from home.

Exam from home or Center?

I choose to go to center (lab) for exam. You could choose to give exam from home. However, there are many restrictions when you give from home and I was not that comfortable.

In the exam center

When you go to the exam center. First thing you need to fill form where you write in time, your name and exam name. Then you will be asked 2 ID proof I provided one my Driving License and the other proof I gave my credit card. Then she took my picture and gave mea locker key, A small white board (made of paper) with marker.

Here is me standing in-front of my exam building facility.

I was supposed to put all belongings like (mobile, watch, keys, cards) inside the locker. Then I entered in the exam room with Mask (mandatory).

Azure 900 exam was 48 minutes and 38 questions. I attempted all questions since there was no negative marking. Well I finished my exam within 20 minutes since it won’t take exam 48 mins to finish.

You will get score immediately

The good part is you will get you score after completing exam. My score is 950.

Download certificate

Next you can go to Microsoft Certificate Dashboard and download your certificate.


Good luck to your next exam. I hope I could inspire you also to attempt your first Azure Fundamental Exam. When you are planning to give your exam? write in the comment box!