Travis CI vs Team Foundation Server vs Azure DevOps

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All are hosted CI/CD server supporting the build running in the build machines and deployment to target machines.

Travis CI

A hosted continuous integration service for the open source community.

  • It is very simple to configure a range of environment versions and settings in a simple YAML file.
  • It integrates very well with GitHub, Bitbucket, or a private Git repo.
  • The Travis CI portal beautifully shows you your history and console logs. Everything is presented in a very clear and intuitive interface.
  • Travis CI can be used for free if the source code is public.
  • Travis CI has built-in plugins for popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.

Azure Dev Ops

Initially it was called as TFS now it is rebranded to Azure Dev Ops.

  • Help us to add Feature, PBI, Tasks , bugs and lot more
  • Manage time, budget, velocity
  • Helps to create Build Definitions and Release definitions to deploy code to target machines.
  • Connects with Git repository and has npm repository in built
  • Azure CI/CD pipelines can be used for Free if you have public GitHub repositories.

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